Contribute to Our Work

Your donation supports Mark Cherrington and the work of the Coalition for Justice and Human Rights, a partner of the John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights (JHC). Please Choose Mark Cherrington and the Coalition of Justice and Human Rights from the drop down menu. The Coalition is a grassroots organization which advocates for human rights, access to justice and dignity on an individual and systemic level.

The Coalition is seeking donations in order to sustain the vital work we do. Funds are needed on a number of fronts, may it be a single mom having access to basic needs, a father fighting for his children or even retaining a lawyer for wrongful termination or discrimination case. The Coalition also empowers our community through educational advocacy and complaint gathering sessions. Your donation is vital and we also strive to compensate our advocates to sustain the tireless work they put in advocating for our most vulnerable.

For the entry price of a carton of milk or a single bus ticket, a small monthly donation can help ensure the financial sustainability of the important work the Coalition and expand our capacity to help individuals and advocate for systemic accountability in the area of Human Rights.

All donations will receive a tax receipt (through Canadahelps). Monthly donations are preferred (although one time donations are also greatly appreciated) to allow the Coalition to better budget its resources.